Trey Gowdy Opens Can of Worms that is the FBI

Articles from the New York Times and the Washington Post about alleged Russian connections with the Trump campaign sighting “wiretapping” and “transcripts” are the subject of hot debate as Trey Gowdy and other members of the Select Committee on Intelligence have been grilling James Comey on Capitol Hill in hearings this past week concerning Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

Just from what Comey has said in the hearing, this is what we know:

The FBI has surveillance on Trump and his transition team.

The FBI unmasked American citizens’ names in the transcripts of this surveillance.

These transcripts were then widely disseminated throughout multiple intelligence agencies.

The transcripts were eventually leaked to the media, which published information from the transcripts.

Publishing classified information, such as surveillance transcripts, is a felony crime.

Comey refuses to investigate where the leaks came from.

Here is what I predict we will discover in the coming weeks:

The FBI has been using its resources to pursue surveillance of Trump and his transition team.

The FBI purposefully unmasked, disseminated, and leaked the transcripts of this surveillance to the press.

The FBI’s intention was to discredit and undermine the sitting president by perpetuating a false narrative about connections to Russia.

The FBI has done this in accordance to orders from the Obama administration.