Do All Your Customers Pay on Time?

In every economy, but particularly this economy, businesses experience clients who are slow-paying or not paying at all. Even well-established businesses can find their internal systems are not sufficient to collect certain debts. When these customers continue to ignore all efforts to make settlement, businesses can find themselves in a very difficult and costly position.

The cost of late and non-payment

Small and medium businesses in the UK are owed a staggering 32.4 billion pounds in late payments. This figure is down from the £39.4 billion that was owed in January 2014, but there has only been a drop of 1% in the number of SMEs negatively affected by late and non-payment — from 60% to 59%.

BACS revealed that amongst the effects suffered by businesses are:

- directors forced to take a cut in pay

- an increase in bank overdraft use

- businesses left with no other choice but to pay their own suppliers late

The latter is just a glimpse into the vicious cycle of commercial late payment. Too many business owners are facing tough choices on how to use the cash they do have available.

Amril are determined to break this vicious cycle. We offer professional debt recovery services with no upfront fee. You only pay once we have collected the money owed to you, and then only a fair and competitive price, which is clearly discussed with you from the outset. In this way, we believe we can assist business owners to recover debts owed and improve their cash flow, at no risk to the business.

Why use Amril’s debt recovery solutions?

We know only too well the difficulties businesses can face in trying to collect debts from clients who persistently refuse to pay, ignoring all communications and refusing to resolve matters. Not only can this cause stress and frustration, the financial implications can be dire.

We are very skilled in UK and international debt collection, and have assisted businesses of all sizes and across many industry sectors. You can read our testimonials to find out more about some of the businesses we have worked alongside.

We want you to use Amril as an extension of your business. We pride ourselves on our professional practice and successful debt collection. Your clients are treated with respect — and we always work to retain them as customers if you wish to continue trading with them.

Don’t delay getting paid

You can call Amril today on 0333 355 0002 and we can talk to you about which of our debt recovery services is right for your business. You will not be required to pay an upfront fee, and we will clearly discuss with you our competitive fees for the type of outstanding invoices you are experiencing. Once you pass the debts over to us, we will immediately begin the debt recovery process, assisting you in increasing your cash flow and the growth of your business.

Amril work on a No win, No Fee commission basis, giving you piece of mind on knowing that we have to work hard to collect your business debts.

We are professional and experienced business debt collectors.

Take a look at the website: or please contact us by email at

Better still call us on 0333 355 0002 and we can explain in greater detail how we work.

REMEMBER — It is better to receive the majority of your money, than nothing at all.

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