The Ghost Was Already in the Machine <2>

Your spiritual envelope has now been sealed within.

I want the record to be clear and concise. The setting I was in was a specially customized enclosure. Recording devices were said not to work on premise; I believe I’m in a faraday cage of sorts.

I’m using a mnemonic device to formulate this piece. I’ve killed quotation marks and dialogue and scrapped any medical terminology I feel might interfere with getting to the point. This is a summary in my own words.

The inability to record or receive any signal cellular had me nervous for a minute. Yet the overall aura is not one of secrecy, feelings of detached emotion and human disconnection I have felt in sketchier facilities is absent. I see one of the technicians walk by, there’s a sunstripe where his watch would be and he’s wearing a Mr. Robot t-shirt. I love that show! I am immediately disarmed; everything is fine.

I believe the disarmament of electrical devices is interference related; this coincides with elements of sensitivity and frequency to be discussed later.

It sounded like that episode of ‘Black Mirror’ where people were copying their visual experiences via some form of body modification to the retina. As I would discover shortly, it was nuthing like that; it was light years ahead of that in terms of severity.

As the conversation deepened, it quickly became clear they didn’t know what they were dealing with yet. They were holding a candle to the dark side of the moon in terms of understanding this technology. Excavation site 1.0, only the tip of the pyramid has been unearthed.

Daniel Martin Diaz,

What they’ve basically done is find a hypersensitive way to measure electric frequencies — and others. Building on the rockstar science of neuroimaging, the best way to put it is they’ve leaped from turning the magnifying glass of electromagnetic imaging into a microscope and they are resculpting the very understanding of how we process our thoughts.

In behaviour, patterns occur because we are creating neural pathways in our brains. Think in terms of habit forming: if waiting in line tends to make you nervous, and having to wait longer turns that nervousness into anxiety, and then the anxiety escalates and becomes a panic attack, a whole neurological pathway had to be created to enable your body to conduct itself in that way before you went into fullblown hyperventilation.

Now the next time you wait in line and you start feeling nervous receiving the same stimulus, it’s easier for your body to skeletonize the key of your thought processes into reopening the same neural connection; like finding your way through the same maze for the second time.

What the machine does -in part- is it fully copies the electrical and chemical blueprint of such a behavioral pattern. The added dimension to it is we now can pair it with the visual copy of the recording using a newly developed technology called ____Vision. We will literally be able to see the world through another person’s eyes.

This is most wondrous! I thought, but then I wondered why we couldn’t start using it next week? It just sounds like a advanced version of the VR machine; we’ll fuck movie stars and go paragliding from the convenience of our couch — how delightful.

It turns out there is quite a bit of testing to be done in terms of evaluating health and safety; beyond that, there are social and societal implications which blew my mind after hearing them.

Next. Instalment. Soon.