by Marie Potel-Saville, founder & CEO of Amurabi, for the Legal Design Roundtable 2020

White collar workers don’t wake up in the morning thinking “what could I possibly do to bribe someone today?

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According to the World Economic Forum, corruption alone amounted to $2.6 trillion in 2018,[1] or 5 per cent of the global GDP. The World Bank indicates that 1 trillion dollars in bribes are paid each year worldwide.[2]

What have companies been doing so far?

Spending staggering amounts of money on “compliance programs”.

In lay terms, compliance can be defined as the set of rules that companies have to respect when conducting their business, subject to criminal or administrative sanctions: anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, anti-financing of terrorism, protection of personal data, competition law, social law…

The message is clear: Stay at home, Stay safe. But how to work remotely, to stay focused while worrying for loved ones and the world, keeping the kids under control and still find joy in this turmoil?

We’re problem solvers, so we’ve researched the best advice from around the world. Here’s a human-centric, fact-based and empowering practical guide to overcoming Covid19 crisis as innovators, written with the wonderful Dominique Ashby | neuro@work, expert in change management based on neuro-science.

🙌 Be more effective than ever before

A quand un triangle de la régulation juridique-technique-design pour éviter que ne soient manipulés nos biais cognitifs dans les parcours utilisateurs et assurer un consentement réellement libre et éclairé au traitement de nos données personnelles? Non, il ne s’agit pas de « design fiction », la CNIL s’interroge dès aujourd’hui sur l’entrée du design dans le champ de l’analyse de conformité des régulateurs.

La CNIL appelle ainsi les designers à prendre conscience de leur rôle central dans la protection des libertés (de la taille de la police d’une charte, aux couleurs du bouton de refus de consentement), affirmant que «…

Photo credit: Dima Yarovinsky

I agree. We’ve all ticked the box.

You know, those boxes on every website. We’ve ticked ‘I accept’ without even reading the Terms of Use or privacy policies, so convinced that these documents are not meant for us. Or, that whatever they say, there is nothing we can do about it. Or the worst justification, that this is the price we must pay, to gain immediate access to a website, service or product, that we need so badly.

‘Blind signing’ as a general trend was confirmed in a Deloitte study in 2017, according to which 91% of US consumers accept, without reading, the terms of use of…

Pas une semaine ne passe sans l’apparition d’outils innovants au sein de la LegalTech. Très bien. Il est désormais évident que ces nouveaux auxiliaires, bien choisis, permettent de libérer les directions juridiques des tâches répétitives à fort volume et faible valeur ajoutée, pour se concentrer sur la création de valeur : stratégie, éthique et prévention — non automatisables.

Et si l’innovation juridique ultime résidait dans les objets juridiques eux-mêmes, le contenu, la façon de concevoir contrats, CGV et programmes de compliance ? …

Doing ever more with ever less

Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

Numbers can be scary as a GC. They can soon get out of hand. I was hired by a global cosmetic group to set up the EMEA legal division, and it was a challenge with some head-scratching numbers.

My remit covered 17 affiliates in around 30 countries; and while a lean team has its advantages, it presented a challenge for a business turning over EUR 2bn in the region. The volume of queries from across the group was significant, and delivering compliance training across all subsidiaries would be beyond my available resource and, particularly, my time.

Legal had to be so user-friendly that it would be implemented easily, first-time and with minimal follow-up questions. That need was what led me to legal design.

Doing more with less is practically a mantra for…

Leaping into Legal Design

“Home at last”.

That’s how I felt at the Legal Design Summit in Helsinki as I was surrounded by creative, human-centered and action driven legal professionals, designers and technologists from around the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a dreamer or a “wannabe artist”. I love the law and I’m obsessed with quality and results. I’ve always had the desire to seek out ways to do things better and learn new concepts.

I felt I’d found a hidden gem, when I discovered Legal Design.t’s a truly powerful tool when you have no time and limited resources. Simply because…

Taking a design approach to creating our legal design exhibition.

First Legal Design Exhibition

The idea of an exhibition for legal design sparked back in May 2018 when I set up my own legal design agency in Paris

If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit our office in Paris, it’s in the beautiful, inspiring and holistically designed “well working” space called Kwerk — where every object and experience is designed for wellness, thus efficiency at work.

When we realized that Kwerk was part of Paris Design Week, the decision was made. So, in June, we had the venue and we knew which concrete projects we wanted to showcase, but that was about it to be honest. …

Bliss. On the plane back from Helsinki to Paris, we reflected on the Legal Design Summit 2019 and couldn’t help but feeling overjoyed.

Simply happy.

Not just because of the legendary after party at Dottir where Annti Innanen proved one more time that you can be a brilliant lawyer, founder and a DJ.

Happy that the day started with a 600-people crowd religiously nodding at Dan Jackson:

“ 6 years ago, when you talked about Legal Design, people looked at you as if you had 3 heads – or 4. Today, it’s a recognized methodology for innovation in the legal industry. …


We are an Innovation by Design Agency. We rock the law and make it accessible, actionable and beautiful

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