Tom & Jerry: An Upside Down Batman Story

This is my Tom and Jerry think piece. So I want to ask you guys: do you think that show taught any practical, fair or real life lessons? And your response is probably: Please, Yinka. Give us a break. Leave us alone. It was a great humorous show that gave us all immense joy.

But guess what, folks. No. I’m not going to leave you alone. I’m going to make Tom and Jerry deep even if it’s for a hundred words.

I watched Tom and Jerry as a child and it kept my attention and I enjoyed it like any kid should have, but something about it used to bother me. Somewhere at the back of my mind I had this uncomfortable feeling about the whole dynamic of the show: it wasn’t fair.

For any sake, why did Tom always lose? Why? Why did Jerry always win? It wasn’t fair at all and I didn’t agree with it. Somewhere deep down I was always sort of rooting for Tom. My God, he was only trying to do his job! And oh my God was Jerry so annoying! Always stealing things and being too ambitious. Yet, Tom didn’t ever win. At best — and these were my best episodes — he partnered with Jerry when they had a common enemy.

I thought I was the only one with this issue. I’m not. Apparently we’re the silent majority. My aunt as a kid said she and my uncle had decided to write to the show to express their displeasure with this same incident.

Look, guys, I’m not a communist or socialist, I’m not in this fairness distribution thing just for the sake of it; I do think and will show you that Tom and Jerry was a harmful evil establishment that existed to erode society’s common sense values.

First of all, let’s face it: Tom was a hard worker who never got results. This is a dangerous lesson to teach kids, guys. No hard worker should be portrayed to lose that much. Tom was always on Jerry’s case but see how the whole thing always ended up.

Second of all, Jerry is everything we don’t want our kids to be. A slacker who is greedy (he didn’t need 90% of what he stole), entitled (believed that once it was there, it was his own for the taking) and believes he can always get his way by playing fast and outsmarting, not to forget, being violent to authority figures (Tom).

Just look at what Tom and Jerry made you laugh at: a thief always getting away with stealing and being violent to a man (cat) who was a focused and consistent hard worker just trying to do his job. His job which was about bringing sanity to a world derailed by dishonest criminals like Jerry.

Basically Tom was a Batman who never won a fight. I hope you all feel awful.

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