In professional sports all throughout the whole world there are codes of sportsmanship and respect. These codes are either through mutual respect and common sense and or a set of guideline rules laid out throughout the league. Except for one sport, hockey, specifically in the NHL which allows fighting in games between players if deemed necessary by them. This allows for players to feel like they are in control and entitled to handling situations instead of the officials. The reasons why fighting should not be allowed in the NHL will be shown through ( Penalties, Disciplined Figures, Mental Toughness ) to provide a more in depth incite. Fighting not only overlooks the whole idea of sportsmanship but instead it brings harm to the great sport of hockey from a sense of such action being allowed.

The NHL is one of the biggest leagues throughout the United States and the sport of hockey is loved by its fans. As far as fighting goes for the sports it’s an identity the provides a unique buzz and feel to the sport. But this buzz is one loved by the fans but brings a much more controversial negative criticism to the sports. Although the players play for the fan and winning the idea of allowing unnecessary violence goes far beyond just bringing excitement to the sports. Furthermore allowing fighting specifically in hockey but not in other professional sports is a reason alone to not continue the fighting. For a change like this to occur it’s going to have to come from the committee making the rules not from the players.

Professional athletes make a lot of money and earn a living playing sports. Indeed with their career come responsibilities and rules such as what can happen if they get into fights, which in other major professional sports such as basketball and football can equal players getting fined and suspensions varying from short or long term as deemed necessary by the league based on their actions. Except for NHL hockey which requires players who get into fights to take a five minute penalty break because of their actions. This allows players to not have any major consequences, whereas in other professional sports players risk their reputation along with money as well as major playing time because of suspensions. Furthermore this brings a sense of the actions being okay to the player although in the official rule books it is, they should either be changed or the consequences players face should be raised. This will allow for players either be conscious of what they are about to do and face it, or not resort to violence and just keep playing. Indeed this will provide for these athletes just like other to be held accountable for the same actions.

As far as role models go professional athletes just like big name celebrity stars have a large number of people who look up to them and one day want to be in their shoes. Unlike those celebrities who may have paparazzi following their every move, professional athletes have a platform to perform and convey their messages and this platform is their sports. Furthermore this means people watching you play are watching your every action and unlike other professional sports hockey allowing fighting means people who look up to these athlete figures watch and see what they are doing. Which may convey and cause a kid or person that this action is okay when they do it, what make it not okay when i do it. Not necessarily saying this is an exact thought process of a fan but the idea is much bigger. These athletes are figures to thousands if not million of kid and young male and females and the way the carry themselves on and off their platforms is a very key and vital part to them serving that cause, which all comes with the responsibilities of being a professional athlete and a figure in society. Indeed since they are in this position they have to embrace it and take a positive role.

Last but not least a reason which hockey players in the NHL should not be played to fight is the fact that it is an action of not being disciplined, and show mental weakness not as far as education knowledge but more of letting other player and opponents inflict their presence on you causing you to react physically. A big part of sports whether amateur or professional is being disciplined at what you do which is play and only play. Everything else such as “ smack or trash talking” is another way for players to get a mental advantage on players often ones who excel physically and they want to take them out of their groove or zone, and instead do actions that are non characteristic to that player. Allowing it to happen in professional hockey which is the ultimate and highest form of the sport takes heat of not being disciplined because the players playing are the figures to many younger ones and they act in such way. Combining the fast pace and physically requirements it takes to master and become a proffesional athletes and for some being superstars are far more important than winning a two minute fight on ice. This sports has been so accustomed to this form of undisciplined fighting that often fans joke and refer a hockey game to as “Went to watch a fight but a hockey game broke out”. This shows another form of how the game is being harmed far more than it deserves.

For many fans and even players would fighting in the NHL is far more of a positive strategy rather than the barbaric event it may seem. People may argue fighting in a physical hockey game between players specially when the crowd rallies behind the home team players and they win can change momentum. Except for the fact that unnecessary fighting between player doesn’t change momentum, it’s more of an entertaining event that occurs that brings excitement to the crowd, but as far as the actual fighting it does nothing but bring 5 minute penalty break for the players and cause a break in a game that is not needed. Some may argue the fighting between players allows for them to police themselves and maintains order. Indeed the case with that is if players could police themselves and maintain order than that in a sense is like saying the game of hockey doesn’t need rules and officials to control what’s going on and that the players themselves can handle all that. The truth about fighting when it pertains to fans is that they love it and are excited to see player fighting and to not allow fighting or restrict the consequences means less entertainment for them being the fans, and they will make reasons and suggestions on why fighting should remain a part of the sport.

There are codes of sportsmanship and respect worldwide when it involves professional sports. The NHL needs to stop allowing fighting of player when they deem necessary by enforcing harsher but more equivalent to other league punishments for such action. Until these actions are taken this great sport of hockey will continue to take harsh negative criticism for what some think is simply part of the game. But little do they know those actions go far beyond the excitement fans get and the easy penalty these players face. As a result of the players not paying for their actions the game of hockey is through its fan following.


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