With 80% of US venture funding (and 40% worldwide) going to just three US states, less than 5% going to women founders, and less than 1% going to people of color, we’re seeing a lot of companies essentially creating better perks for the best-off in society — and a few attempting to solve a real-world problem, but failing because they don’t fully understand it.
When Silicon Valley-Style “Disruption” Isn’t The Right Answer
Ross Baird

This is the rub. How many startups do we need for delivering food our parking our cars? These are not ‘problems’ for the vast majority of people in the world, they are nuisances to the well-off. The fact that the majority of VC money flows to these short-sighted gig economy startups — while the creativity and ingenuity of women and black or Latino entrepreneurs goes wanting — is actually a scandal hidden in plain sight.

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