The Making of Matzo — A Streit’s Family Story

In 1925, Aron Streit opened the Streit’s Matzo Bakery, a Jewish family business located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Along with his two sons, Aron grew his business into a name brand, becoming the only family-owned and operated matzo company in America today. Despite plans to move to it’s new location in New Jersey, the inside of the Streit’s factory still holds a generous mix of old world traditions, innovative Kosher recipes, and lots and lots of matzo.

Now over 90 years old, Streit’s has become a namebrand in Kosher foods, expanding its products beyond just matzo bread.
A Streit’s factory worker sits amongst boxes of matzo and matzo meals.
A worker adds salt to a dispensing machine, an extra ingredient before the matzo enters the oven.
Sheets of matzo dough is perforated before it enters the oven.
A worker breaks baked matzo into square pieces, placing the stacks on metal racks for packaging.
Rabbi Mayer Kirshner oversees production at Streit’s factory. Here he holds a discarded piece of matzo, which will eventually be crushed and reused as a part of animal feed.
Several parts of machinery date back to the Streits factory opening in 1925.
A radio, dusty with flour, sits alongside a Hebrew newspaper.
Racks of matzo shuffle past a ventilation unit before being packaged in the final stage of production.
The final product. In keeping up with consumer demands, Streit’s innovative products include non-GMO and gluten-free foods.
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