Andi Young: Lonely Child No More

Andi Young Sings His Heart Out on “Lonely Child”

“Lonely Child” is the refreshing new single from songwriter and musician, Andi Young. Creating a song that brings out his emotions on a personal level, as well as the world, we hear a stunning sound that echoes throughout his story. Young’s tale is something that is extremely relatable; not only in 2016, but throughout time as well. As of recent I had the chance to speak with Andi Young about his latest, touching single, “Lonely Child,” and what the future of music holds for him.

Your latest single, “Lonely Child” has struck my ears immediately. What can you tell us about the enchanting, and haunting piece?

Thank you! It is a very personal song for me and I think there’s no better way to tell a story than just being honest. The entire song including the lyrics, melody, instruments are carefully crafted to tell the honest story of me as a lonely child, and you can see the ‘lonely child’ as kinda like a character that lives inside me, and I am just singing for that character, cuz the vocal artistry and the style, the hair etc. are for this ‘lonely child’ does that make sense?

In your vision, who is the “Lonely Child”? I feel it speaks volumes across the board to different listeners.

It is a part of me, and I think it is a part of everyone. I think we all have a side that is lonely, no matter how outgoing and carefree you are, and that is why we all need other people, because we are all lonely at times. So I just exposed the vulnerability of loneliness in this song, and sang it through the lens of a marginalized ‘lonely child’, and also how being ‘lonely’ makes you realize your strength. I think many audience can relate to it.

There is news of a video in the works. What can you share with us regarding the upcoming piece, and how did you portray the heavy lyricism onto the screen?

This MV is very very unique. It is just me in it and it’s a one take video. I can’t believe that I made it. The style of it is actually inspired by neorealist works, and it is all about how this ‘lonely child’ tells this story, and the directors exaggerate all the facial expressions and body language, and the directors want it to be raw, so there’s completely no rehearsal, which is crazy, and I basically just came to the scene and I said ‘Im gonna sit there’ so I went to sit in front of the window and started filming. And it took one take, that’s it, and everyone applauded and it was done. I couldn’t believe that that’s it, but the directors were very happy and said to me ‘we got it!’ When I discussed this project with my directors Nick and Dillon, who previously worked with Sia and Hilltop Hoods, and they are just like ‘ok, let’s do a one take video’ and I was like ‘ok’, and I didn’t even know that a one take music video is actually the hardest kind of mv because you can’t make any mistake and they capture all your facial and body expressions and exaggerate them, but the directors didn’t tell me in the beginning, and just said to me ‘look elegant and graceful’ and I just nodded. The truth is I had no idea what any of those means. So I just told myself that I am the lonely child and I just need to feel every word in the song and let my original emotions overwhelm me so that I can live in it and express myself while they are filming, and that’s all I’m gonna do, so that’s what I did. And they picked the most amazing location in the world, it is a hundred year old Australian mansion, and it is kind of a cultural heritage so they normally don’t allow people in, so I am really lucky to be able to film in it, and they only gave us a few hours, so the setup, makeup and testing etc, everything had to be done right in one go. We are all glad about the outcome when we saw the footage.

What artists influenced you to not only start a music career, but to create music as a whole?

Christina Aguilera inspired me a lot when I was a child, which is crazy cuz she is still so young now! And she always talks about how important it is to be yourself and resist the negativities around you, and that really gave me strength to create my own music that speaks my soul. And many other artists like Bjork, Marylin Manson, Bon jovi, Queen inspired me as well.

Would you consider yourself a ‘lonely child’ growing up?

Absolutely! I always felt being lonely, but when I told my friends that I was lonely they didn’t believe me! cuz i was always performing at school and I had lots of friends surrounding me and I seemed pretty popular, but I was seeking something else, not popularity and the superficial noisy stuff like other kids did, so I thought I was really lonely, and I thought other kids were lonely too but some just didn’t realize.

In your opinion, what sets your artistic imagery from the rest in the current music age? What makes your music unique, in your eyes?

thanks for your kind words. I’ve always had a different voice, and when people asked me who I sound like I couldn’t answer because I just sound like myself. It was a challenge because when you sound like no one it feels really lonely, and now I think it sets me apart. Also my songs are all original mine, and I grew up learning the violin while listening to pop music, so I think my artistry is more combined with classic music as well.

Can we expect more songs like “Lonely Child” from you in the near future?

Maybe, I actually have a lot to unleash in the near future, and you never know the other sides of the ‘Lonely Child’! so stay tuned!

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