Emmaline Muchmore is a “Solid” Musician

Emmaline Muchmore

Emmaline Muchmore is a musical Goddess. Upon hearing her latest single, “Solid,” her music struck me with an intense and gorgeous aura, that carries throughout each piece she pens.

Taken from her upcoming EP Back to Right, due out in February, the eclectic feel of the songs are brought to life as she documents her journey in each story. “Solid,” is the perfect introduction to new followers like myself. Upon first listen, I was already craving more of what Muchmore had to offer, as her vocals and songwriting are a talent that goes far beyond the call of duty.

This time around, Muchmore not only recorded and performed her songs, but took over duties in the recording realm as well. The combination of these talents put Emmaline Muchmore above the rest, as her ambitions are limitless. Back to Right is out February 3rd.

Listen to “Solid”

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