Jill Savre Shares Stunning Release

Jill Savre’s Latest Release, “Nothing Up My Sleeve”

Not everyday do we hear a new musician so promising that they have us continually coming back time-and-time again. Though Jill Savre has been crafting her skills for several years, she has broken through recently with her latest release, Nothing Up My Sleeve.

Savre, an singer-songwriter and folk musician at heart, releases a stunning record that goes above and beyond in the genre, to build a sound that unleashes her talent, both vocally and musically. Savre’s voice is a dream that I can’t stop listening to, as her vibrant and charming music has me floating on cloud nine.

The standout single of the record, “Nothing Up My Sleeve,” which is also the lead single, sets the tone for Jill’s songwriting. With pieces that deliver with every listen, we hear equally as stunning pieces with “Skeleton Key” and “Guess I’ll Cry.” Savre’s strong songwriting talent carries with her throughout the record, without flaw. 2016 has shaped up to be a wonderful year for Jill on her latest release, and we anticipate for what she has to offer in 2017 and beyond.

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