Kat Pace: A Songwriter with Soul

Kat Pace is an artist that has been keeping my interest for the past year. Delighted to announce her new record, “Back Home,” she brings to us the new single “Revenge,” which captures the beauty that she brings throughout her deep lyricism and airy melodies.

Kat’s a hometown Philly girl who writes with empathy, earnestness, poetic elegance, and dashes of quirkiness. Her previous release was reminiscent of a post piano-pop decade Sara Bareilles, but in 2017 she’s exploring a whole new sound.

After hitting the studio with nine-time Grammy award-winning producer Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo (Billy Joel, Rolling Stones, Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill), Kat is embracing a more soulful pop aesthetic. The resulting first single “Revenge” is a track rooted in R&B that touches on the strength that comes from heartbreak.​

Give a Listen to Kat Pace and “Revenge” from Back Home, here: