Kat Pace Pens New Single, “Survivor”

Artist on the rise: Kat Pace

Songstress Kat Pace has recently shared her acclaimed new single, “Survivor,” for our listening pleasure. With a strong foundation built on 1970s singer-songwriters, show tunes and doo wop, Pace had embraced an array of genres from pop to contemporary, which is evident in her latest release. The track is taken from her new EP, Survivor, which has created a great deal of buzz around the promising musician.

Her ‘bluesy soul-pop’ shines through and creates a unique and eclectic sound that has her taking center stage. An artist wise beyond her years, we experience a star on the rise, and one to keep our ears open for in the new year.

Listen: Kat Pace “Survivor: https://soundcloud.com/katpace/survivor

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