The Carolyn Sills Combo Entice with “Canoe”

The Carolyn Sills Combo has been steadily on my radar as of recent, with their vintage-era tones of Cowboy-Western-Rock. Their latest release of the video “Canoe,” is a charming first glimpse into the band for many newcomers. Carolyn Sills’ voice is gorgeous beyond words, and it evokes that old-Country feel of years’ past. Together the group are bound by their music, and show no limitations or signs of slowing down. The video for “Canoe,” is quirky and fun, and will make you want to dive right in to the noteworthy act. With their new release making the rounds, Dime Stories Vol. 2, we see a band to watch out for, and one we will not want to miss!

Watch: The Carolyn Sills Combo “Canoe”