CAN & Other Acronyms

The Ohio Democratic Party or ODP is responding to our request for next steps with the Concrete Action Now or CAN initiative. For liberal Ohioans it offers a chance for action which is something I and many people I’ve spoken to have been looking for.

An election loss and especially this one is so difficult because our hearts and souls go into the work. We are fighting for people and families and it’s devastating to see that work go unrealized, but now more than ever that work can’t stop.

Right at this moment another acronym and another project and another fight sounds like the last thing I want to do, but I’m still going to be there because the Democratic Party is the Party that’s going to fight Trump and they can’t do it without our help. I encourage you all to go to the links below and find the meeting in your area and sign up.

Here is how ODP describes the event —

The election is over, but what now?
Republicans are gearing up to take Trump’s radical policy agenda and make it the law of the land, and we need to act. That’s why the Ohio Democratic Party is organizing Concrete Action Now (CAN) meetings all over the state to activate Democrats for ’17, ’18 and beyond. You will walk out with real, tangible steps on how to fight back and help protect Democratic values in your community.
This meeting will include leadership, ward leaders, precinct representatives, and 2016 coordinated volunteers with the goal of taking action now to continue building the sustainable organization we need to win at the local level — and be ready for a neighborhood-based organizing structure that will help us take advantage of the enormous opportunities of 2018.
If you have any questions please contact Chris Scott, 313–320–9041.

12/7: Chillicothe:
12/8: Athens:
12/8: Cincinnati:
12/10: Columbus:
12/13: Akron/Canton:
12/13: Toledo:
12/14: Cleveland:
12/14: St. Clairesville:
12/15: Dayton:
12/15: Youngstown/Warren: