The Pringles Buddy

When you feel scared, hold someone’s hand and look into their eyes; and when you feel brave, do the same thing. — Amy Poehler

Who’s the first person you come in mind when you are scared?
Maybe your family, your partner, or someone who weights a lot in your heart.

To me, is my studying buddy.
The very first impression I had for him
is someone who was late for class, brought a green can of Pringles and had a pen on his ear.

He’s a straight shooter guy but often times considerate.

Maybe sometimes have a nerve like a dinosaur ;
(Won’t even notice you are angry with him even if you’re around him.)
Maybe sometimes only want to be left alone like a bear ;
Maybe sometimes is curious about things like a three year old.

But he will always be somebody in my heart.

I will always remember when the first semester began and I just had a big cry.
He just came all the way here to have a walk with me hoping that makes me feel better.

When you are struggling with something in life, he will tell you “Everything is going to be alright.” and give you a hug.

I know I won’t feel that scared when knowing someone got your back for you, and BE THERE for you.

As time goes by, things has been changing and will be different in the near future.
We have different goals to go for.
We might be so busy working on something.
We won’t be able to see each other that often, or even in class.

It’s hard to adjust to new norms.
Since it normally takes human beings 21 days to have a new habit.
It’s just too good laughing with him and having him around.
How can one let go the simple happiness in life and not feel a thing?

But, friends are like stars, you don’t get to see them every day but they are always there.

You can only hold the belief that someone is somewhere looking out for you and be strong.
Maybe they are thinking of you at the moment, maybe wondering if you are doing well or not.

Or maybe,
they start missing you at the moment you say goodbye.

No matter where our life is heading, you will always be on my heart and I will always love you truly for who you are.