Aesthetic is the Secret to Differentiating your eCommerce Site

Aesthetic is the Secret to Differentiating your eCommerce Site

As more and more retail operations transform their businesses to eCommerce and more consumers shop online, standing out as an eCommerce businesses becomes critical. With traditional retail, consumers have the ability to apply all of their senses to their purchasing decisions. A customer can feel the fabric of a garment; they can try it on. They can be captivated by the décor of a store, the aroma of a store’s fragrance, the music it plays. We do not have that luxury with online business. Especially the fashion business.

While eCommerce provides customers with more convenience; the ability to purchase quickly and have it delivered without leaving their homes, it is a new shopping experience for many consumers. That is why everything we include on our sites needs to consider our targeted consumer’s online shopping behavior.

Aesthetic is the Way

Since entering the eCommerce business in 2013, I’ve discovered that aesthetic can be the difference between a struggling online business and a flourishing one. Where we can’t provide many aspects of the traditional bricks & mortar retail experience, we must make up for it with create amazing visuals that allow our consumers to picture themselves in our looks and buy more as a result.

The Photoshoot Recipe

To me, this all starts with your first photoshoot. A photoshoot is not something that is simple to master. It requires a combination of inspiration, artistic direction, logistics and people management. Once mastered, the photoshoot becomes a recipe that you can apply to all of your future collection launches.

I am currently writing my first eBook which is a collection of best practices I’ve learned from planning and directing dozens of photoshoots over the past 5+ years. I am super excited about it and I think it will be valuable to anyone who is running their own eCommerce business.

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