From the day women are born, we are responsible for everything we do and what is done to us.
Boys Will Be Boys
Tara Hunt @missrogue

A thousand claps for this post! Let’s talk about men raping, not women raped. Let’s talk about the ubiquity of the perpetrators, not the ubiquity of the victims. Let’s talk about all the ways we as society enable the offenses, and shame those who would report them. And let’s start to make distinctions between the actual good men and the men who tell themselves they’re good but validate with their silence, by looking the other way, all the horrors that never seem to stop.


OT to the main post of this article, but this is especially true for trans* women. We as trans* women are responsible for everything, including having been born trans, including all the fears people project upon us. That frame for men (that we as a society make excuses for everything they do to themselves and others) speaks volumes, because trans* women never received that benefit, and probably won’t for a while, given the sexual insecurity and gender policing that also arise out of toxic masculinity.