Ch. 1 Blog Post

The world of journalism is so broad and has changed so much in the past few years and it is crazy to think about how it will change in the years to come. Journalism started out with people just delivering the news to the public. Now, however, the public is able to speak their minds and give the news themselves!

A term called citizen journalism best describes how citizens are able to deliver the news without actually being journalist. With cellphones and other modern technology, we as citizens are able to do just that. Blogging, tweeting, and other social media outlets gives normal citizens the freedom to deliver the news in a way that is substantially easier than taking out a camera and reporting it.

That is awesome to me because I never really thought about social media like that. I have always thought that it was just a fun application where I can post what I want, but it can have so much more impact than that.

The role of journalism in society is extremely important! If I learned just one thing from reading this chapter, it is that journalism is so vital in today’s world and we need it. The fact that the very First Amendment is pointed to our right to have freedom of speech and the press shows just how important journalism is.

After reading this section, I did not realize how much heat journalists get for doing their jobs. They are constantly being criticized. In some cases, however, it is rightfully so.

That deals with the issue of accuracy, fairness and bias. Accuracy is to be the main goal of telling a story. Anything that a journalist puts out there should be the truth.

A journalist also has to be fair. They need to have facts from every angle of the story without leaning towards one side or the other. Also, bias is a real problem in journalism and journalists have to be really careful to deliver the news without favoring a certain viewpoint.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. I have watched too many news stations that are giving political news, and they are clearly supporting one side. It is not right, and it should not be reported in such a way.

Journalists should strive to obtain all three things when writing a story. This is the concept of objectivity, and in my opinion, I think it can exist. I do not think it is too far off the grid to be able to maintain.