Bastille concert in Manchester [review]

Having released their latest album ‘Wild World’ in September this year, Bastille have recently been touring the UK with their ‘Wild Wild World’ tour and it was Manchester’s turn to get a taste of the band’s new sounds and reminisce on their old popular tracks on Sunday evening, 6th November.

Photo credit: Amy Vieira

Kicking off the night in Manchester was one of Bastille’s supporting acts, Leah Dou. The shy Chinese 19-year-old girl, whose real name is Dou Jingtong, sang some of her groovy songs including ‘My Days’ before saying farewell to the ‘Wild Wild World’ tour.

Soon came the very upbeat sounds from Rationale, previously known as Tinashé. Rationale, whose got an indie pop sound to his music, showed the audience his very energetic dance moves while singing some of his most known songs, including ‘Something for Nothing’ and ‘Fuel to the Fire’ before teasing the crowd by saying: ‘They [Bastille] have put together an amazing show for you tonight.’

Photo credit: Amy Vieira

The lights started to dim around 9pm before a news presenter for ‘Wild World Communications’ shows up on the screens and introduces Bastille to the growing shouts of hysterical fans.

Bastille opened up the concert with their third single ‘Send them Off!’ from their newest album, showing lots of energy and encouraging the crowd to sing along before moving on to one of the classics ‘Laura Palmer’ from their first album ‘Bad Blood’.

Photo credit: Amy Vieira

After singing a mix of songs from both their albums, courageous frontman Dan Smith got off the stage and moved through the crowd while singing fan-favourite ‘Flaws’ and quickly getting back on stage to soothe the mood with ‘Oblivion’, with fans flashing their phones to create what looked like a sea of fireflies.

The balanced flow between singing hits from the first album and songs from ‘Wild World’ continued until Dan made his way through the crowd yet again and stopped at the mixing desk in the middle of the arena where he suggested the crowd join him in his ‘embarrassing dance moves’ while he sang former chart topper ‘Of the Night’.

After singing their other two singles ‘Fake it’ and ‘Good Grief’ and another fan favourite ‘Weight of Living, pt. II’, Bastille began their encore with Dan and bassist Will Farquarson playing ‘Two Evils’ in one of the arena’s blocks’ balcony to a stunned Manchester audience.

After moving back on stage, they finalised the concert with ‘Icarus’ and ‘Pompeii’, with the fans almost overpowering Dan’s singing.

Photo credit: Amy Vieira

The band, which has always been known for their cinematic approach to some of their songs, provided a very visually pleasing concert with recurrent movie scenes playing on the screens, while never running out of energy during all their performances and interacting with the public.

Bastille bid farewell to Manchester but will continue their UK tour till the middle of November before moving on to the rest of Europe.

Check out their latest music video for ‘Send Them Off!’ from their new album ‘Wild World’: