Why I’m Inspired By Shmi Skywalker

Anakin’s mother mastered the art of love without selfish attachment

This week, in celebration of Forces of Destiny, Future of the Force contributors are sharing what female Star Wars characters inspire them. I am inspired by SO many of them, that initially I had a hard time choosing. And then it came to me, Shmi.

I know Shmi Skywalker is highly unlikely to show up in Forces of Destiny (or any other new content). I know that from the outside looking in, Shmi is an unlikely source for inspiration: a slave, a single mom, (later) a wife, and murder victim.

So why does Shmi inspire me? Her love. Her kindness. Giving Anakin the best life she could despite horrible life circumstances. Shmi demonstrates the love without selfish attachment Anakin was never able to master when she sends her only son off with Qui-Gon to become a Jedi.

It’s simple, but it is so hard. So that is why Shmi inspires me: because love and kindness and putting others ahead of myself are attributes and actions worthy of imitation.

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