Fake IDs are Stupid

Growing up we experience many things for the first time. First alcoholic drink, first cigarette, first time puffin on Mary Jane. My point is we do a lot of things we really shouldn’t be doing yet. Or all at all. I’ve personally done all these things and participate in them regularly but there is one thing I won’t so until I’m actually old enough. That my friends, is use a fake id. There are so many things we experience before we’re supposed to and it makes certain celebrations (16th, 18th and 21st birthdays) meaningless. Buying alcohol at the store or a bar is the final frontier. It’s what officially makes you an adult in the eyes of some. It’s actually kinda a big deal. But if you’ve been buying drinks at a bar and at a sketchy gas station for the last 3 years it’s not special at all. I personally don’t want to have nothing to look forward to. I always laughed at the people in high school who went out drinking with fake IDs that said they were from “Rhode Island” or “Alaska”. While they may think it’s cool to do all these things underage their really just cheating themselves of an experience. So I won’t be using a fake id. Not because I’m a loser or a downer but because I seek out genuine life experiences.

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