Amy’s Plan to Build America’s Infrastructure

Amy is proposing a bold, trillion-dollar plan to rebuild America’s infrastructure, invest in our future, and create millions of good-paying American jobs.

President Trump is asking Congress for $200 billion for infrastructure in his budget proposal that will somehow support an over a trillion-dollar investment, but his plan is a mirage and he leaves the details up to lawmakers. In contrast, Amy has a concrete, commonsense proposal that will invest in our future and make sure our country’s infrastructure is second to none.

Amy’s infrastructure plan will be her top budget priority, and she will work to get it done during the first year of her presidency. And she has a proven track record of delivering results. When the 35W Bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River, Amy got the funding and the bridge was rebuilt in just 13 months. America needs a President who will get things done and pass progressive policies that keep our country moving.

As President, Amy will focus on seven areas of infrastructure investment. Her plan will:

  • Repair and replace our roads, highways, and bridges. The collapse of the 35W Bridge was a tragic reminder that America has failed to maintain the roads, bridges, and other public infrastructure that keep our people safe and our economy strong. Amy will make smart investments to repair and replace our roads and highways, reduce congestion, upgrade America’s over 50,000 structurally deficient bridges, fix the roads and bridges washed out by the recent floods in the Midwest, eliminate the “pothole tax,” and stabilize the Highway Trust Fund. A world-class transportation system will increase our safety and lower costs for commuters and businesses that depend on getting goods to market.

Here’s how Amy will turn ideas into action as President:

  • Boost federal infrastructure investment. In parts of our country where communities are not as densely populated or former hubs still adjusting to the loss of manufacturing jobs, it can be difficult to attract private investment. That’s why Amy’s plan includes more than $650 billion in federal funding for infrastructure. And she is committed to ensuring that there is public engagement and transparency in the infrastructure planning process. For projects supported by direct federal funding, Amy will maintain Davis-Bacon wage standards (and where possible, a living wage floor) and other worker and environmental protections. She will invest in workers through robust training with a focus on creating career opportunities in construction for women and people of color. And she will ensure that these projects use materials produced in the United States through strong Buy America provisions.

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