Laura’s story

The tale of a ThoughtWorks Tech Lead

I really enjoy hearing peoples stories. Whether it’s exciting tales of far away places, nostalgic recollections from the past or discoveries of unexpected hobbies and interests, these stories help inspire, educate and encourage me on my own personal journey.

A story I recently enjoyed was that of my colleague, Laura, a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks. Before joining ThoughtWorks she’d had a varied career as a software developer, working in different industries as a permanent employee, a consultant and a contractor. When she eventually became disillusioned delivering software for companies where she had no real influence, she decided to join ThoughtWorks: they didn’t just deliver software, they solved clients problems.

I couldn’t believe how much Laura had done in the 4 years since she’d been at ThoughtWorks, both personally and professionally. To highlight a few, she’s:

  • Been involved in agile transformation projects, coaching engagements and as a Tech Lead on projects, dealing with workflow, architecture, team organisation, TDD and other tech practices.
  • Worked across a varied portfolio with lots of different clients, from small not-for-profits to big household names, media and publishing to retail and financial services.
  • Had exposure to working with different teams from 2–5 people in a cross-functional team, working collaboratively on analysis, coding, testing and UX to highly complex programmes of work with 50–60 people.
  • Created and rolled out an ‘Intro to Programming’ course for a Little Miss Geek event, teaching 12–13 year old girls how to code to help tackle the ongoing challenge around the underrepresentation of women in tech.
  • Spent some time in India as a trainer at ThoughtWorks University (an intensive 5 week training course for our graduates) learning about how software delivery differs in other countries whilst helping to up skill the next generation of technologists.
  • Participated in ThoughtWorks ‘Leadership Skill Development Programme’ (an initiative to develop leadership in the company) involving training on things like coaching, influencing and conflict negotiation.

It was great to hear how Laura’s story has evolved, initially playing the role of developer and tech lead to more latterly, coach and project manager and its great to know that such a diverse path can not only be supported, but can be achieved. And for someone who has been described as a ‘firecracker’ due to the way she gets in to new problems, understands what is stagnant, weak or wasteful and explodes it, I’m sure Laura’s exciting story has much more to come.

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