My experiences in social service (part 1)

The day I decided to spend part of my time for social service, I had this deep craving to help the needy; to focus on helping children who came from broken homes, poverty stricken areas, etc, and to help women who are ‘lost and fearful’ of this world.

With all these desires, I did step into a well established home, hoping that I could use them as a platform to start my mission. But to my surprise and disappointment, there were so many setbacks to that path of mine.

As a result of my experiences there, I would like to write this story based on a volunteer’s perspective of the Home. It also made me come to terms that many, if not all, such organizations are running in the same way.

Due to their greed for fame, favors and recognition, they forget the root cause for the existence of such a Home. Yes, such organizations should adhere to rules and regulations, but then, they should always be rooted to their actual cause whilst at the same time ensuring that no law is broken.

The Home begins without any planning, budgeting and sustainability. This could be the main cause for their greed; they need to attract the rich, the government and some philanthropists to contribute continuously, so that they can run the Home effectively, in their way. Since all their concentration is based on these aspects, they take in wards from broken homes, etc for the sake of running the Home. This, in my eyes, is defeating the actual cause — the need to help the needy.

So, when volunteers walk in, to actually contribute their services, they are ‘not so welcomed’, especially those who come sincerely and without any financial backing. The Home fails to understand that some of these volunteers may have beautiful ideas and proposals to improve the children’s need for proper upbringing and to make sure they leave with proper education and character, which would help them face the cruel world out there bravely and without any fear.

Running a Home has become a business rather than a service.

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