Third Time’s The Charm

So this is the third blog I have been in charge of in seven years and I think this time it may just take! Seven years ago, actually seven years, two months and seven days ago my husband and I embarked on the most wonderful, traumatic, enjoyable, difficult journey of our lives. My first blog was birthed in the genesis of this adventure in the middle of the Canadian Rockies, while we basked in the afterglow of a beautiful wedding and dreamed about the future we were planning to achieve. It is much easier to engage in fantastical thinking when you are completely removed from your reality, leaving the country can do that.

My second incarnation as a blogger occurred three years and fifteen days ago. This second attempt at blogging occurred in yet another start to a new adventure, this time my husband and I who had now been married for five years, one month and twenty three days decided I would attempt to blog again. After selling our house where we began our big adventure and moving interstate with our less than happy grieving older offspring and deliriously joyous, then one and a half year old. We had been through so much and had learned so many valuable lessons that we felt that it was impossible not to share all of this valuable information with the public. There were still many unexpected adventures ahead, none of which we could possibly have anticipated, as with the first blogging attempt, but somehow we believed this was a more realistic beginning as it was born within the realm of our reality, surely this time it would work.

Alas, no!

So here I am writing the first of what traditionally turns out to be two or three blog entries with one or two ‘likes’ or followers that become yet another phantom reminder of what we thought might have been and what we had hoped would be. This year we are, yet again, making unconventional decisions about our future based on the information we have to hand and a lot of faith. As my children grow and change, my career grows and changes and my faith and circumstances grow and change I am hoping that this blog will also grow and change. I am hoping that this idea that has germinated for more than seven years and has had two false starts already, will grow into a meaningful interaction with my followers, readers, supporters, friends and family. I want to share my life and thoughts and adventures and see if others can gain from, sympathise, understand and contribute to this wonderful journey. I look forward to going on this new adventure with you all on the blog.

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