6 things I’ve learnt when moving out alone, as a young adult.

  1. Everything is expensive!
If you’ve only just started paying your own rent and bills and find yourself with nothing left over, that’s OK! You’re not alone, bills can suck but knowing that you handle all of it without help does give you that little bit of self satisfaction… and hey, who needs shoes?

2. Letters come flying in from people you’ve never met.

Yep, that would be your new energy providers, the council and TV Licensing companies. Just try to stay on top of it, maybe put some money away in advance. Set up some direct debits and remember everything is a priority.

3. And not just any letters, but letters for the old tenants!

I was so excited about getting my own letters, in my own flat, at my own address. Too bad they weren’t for me! There’s a massive pile of mail stacking up for the previous tenants. And what about my mail, you may ask? (Refer to picture number 2)

4. Engagements and babies? Not for you.

I literally sit and scroll through Facebook (because who doesn’t) and all I find is friends getting engaged, showing of baby pictures. Sometimes you feel like your friends are ahead of you, but really, take your time and enjoy being alone for a while!

5. Why am I not getting holidays, while everyone else is going away?

Money is tight, we already know that, but set yourself some goals and put the money away slowly so you can reach them but at the same time afford to reach them. (Sealed money tins for the win!)

6. Landlords can be awesome!

We all know someone who did the student thing, and has had a nightmare story about a landlord who doesn’t mind mould on the walls and thinks broken appliances are just what we all want. However, when your and actual adult-ing adult, the landlords are actually more useful. Mine, is legendary for his understanding and acceptance of me… and my kitty!

So don’t worry, hang in there, you’re doing something amazing. Whatever, your life goals, keep going, you’ll get there

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