Elite Pedophile Peter Scully Snuff Film Producer May Walk Because Of Convenient Evidence Warehouse Fire

The infamous once thought internet urban legend video — Daisy’s Destruction producer Peter Scully owner of “NoLimitsFun” may walk after the warehouse housing evidence against him was conveniently burned down in January 2015 several weeks before his arrest.

The evidence room was burned down after Scully allegedly paid someone off in the Philippines according to TakeDownMan and a post on the Darkweb. Which he neglected to show in his Youtube video below on the case.

While Scully’s former lawyer Alejandra Pallugna has said much the same that physical evidence against Scully, including a computer, video camera and memory card, had been destroyed in a fire at the Cagayan de Oro Hall of Justice.

“There’s a great possibility that the cases against Scully will be dismissed due to the fact that the physical evidence against him were burned down.

“Those things are necessary to prove that Scully really had a hand in molesting and torturing the victims,” he said.

“If Scully gets a good lawyer, there’s really the chance that he can go out of prison.”

Although, City prosecutor Fidel Macauyag has denied that all evidence was destroyed claiming they still have a solid case against Scully according to mindanaogoldstardaily.

“We have overwhelming evidence still intact. We will not allow any foreigner to bastardize our laws especially those taking advantage of the vulnerability of our poor children,” Fidel Macauyag said.

The grotesque video features a woman now identified as Scully’s girl friend Liezyl Margallo torturing a 18-month old baby girl hanging her upside down by her feet a horrifying abuse and sexual assault of a young child. In the video Margallo allegedly whips and assaults the child with sex toys according to Philippine Prosecutors.

Scully and Margallo met when she herself was a child prostitute.

The video was hosted and streamed on Darkweb ‘Hurtcore’ pedophile sites — where sick depraved users paid up to $10,000 to stream videos of violent abuse and torture of children which accumulated approximately 15,000 downloads a day.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the footage was so disturbing police called it ‘the worst we have encountered in our years campaigning against child pornography.’

In 2015, Liezyl Margallo, 23, led police to a house where they discovered the body of a 12 year-old girl who Scully allegedly held as a sex and torture slave for months before strangling her and burying her body. He is also accused of forcing the captive children to dig their own graves.

But that’s not the only video that the pedophile ring produced there are dozens of others Margallo is accused of abusing at least 9 young girls according to Cebu Daily News.

Scully would instruct his multiple girl friends to procure young girls off the street kidnap them and bring them home for him to abuse by promising them food and schooling.

Additionally Scully had kept other children chained up in his home on dog chains.

Scully, and his alleged multiple girl friends are now in jail in the Philippines, facing prosecution on charges of child abuse and murder. But the evidence against them was conveniently burned down the likely reason? Not because of Scully or his girl friend but because the evidence probably implicates powerful people in Scully’s network he was a kingpin after all of the disgusting deplorable international snuff film and child porn industry. As it cost $10,000 a video, this is the hidden secret of the elite society and what Paul Bonacci and former Nebraska Senator and attorney John Decamp tried to expose during the Franklin Vile Cover Up in Nebraska during the 1980’s when elitist were involved in the production and torture of children.

They lived a luxurious life Scully owned at least 5 houses and had at least 15 filming locations according to an investigator 60 minutes’ Tara Brown spoke to in the video above and Australian News. Brown said she felt “shaken from the moment I started following the story”. Adding that, “It was completely impossible to relate to him, because he was so detached.”

Both Scully and Margallo face charges that include — human trafficking and child abuse for which they could receive multiple life sentences if convicted. Scully also faces at least one count of murder. However, investigators say they haven’t been able to identify some children seen in the dozens of videos he produced for wealthy donors who would control the children’s fates.

“Scully and his partners produced films not just of young girls performing sexual acts but also of young girls being tortured and sexually assaulted — or whatever it is their client demands online. There were no limits to what they allow these young girls to do,” Eric Nuqui, head of the NBI Anti-Human Trafficking Division (Ahtrad), told the Inquirer.

Scully alleges that he himself was a victim sexually abused by a priest when he was a child growing up in Victoria.

Who is Peter Scully? Scully is a former Melbourne businessman who fled Australia in 2011 to escape $2.6 million in fraud charges. He is accused of stealing from 20 investors in an investment scheme, The Age reported.

Although, Scully is in jail Philippine authorities suspect that he is still masterminding the production of child pornography on the darkweb.

“We fear that Scully is still on top of his on-line services,” Dominador Cimafranca, a regional director of the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The NBI is right as it’s alleged that “NoLimitsFun” was still producing videos when Scully was in jail and Margallo was involved for two years before her arrest in cebu, this is a pedophile network it isn’t just Scully. As Stuff.co.nz notes, another man Matthew Graham who helped administer another site “PedoEmpire” is alleged to have done business with Scully. A third man who has still been unnamed identified only as a Dutchman was also connected to Scully’s sick network.

Because of these arrest and the first arrest of Margallo police were able to finally identify who Scully was and that the business was being run out of the Philippines. Then in February 20th 2015, warrants were issued for his arrest and a raid took place on his residence.

The subsequent arrest of the still unknown Dutchman may be what lead police to the raids and arrest of the largest documented pedophile forum in history boasting 70,000 members. Which operated in the Netherlands although, this is based upon pure speculation and off the only sole fact I used to hunt these people on the darkweb and know the networks are tightly knit.

The Netherlands in general like Britain for some reason is known for elite pedophilia which suffered an extensive network of child sexual abuse and child prostitution in Amsterdam in the 1980’s. Additionally, poor countries like the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Austria, Ethiopia, other third world countries especially in Africa and the middle east are often cesspits for child human trafficking networks.

Scully has pleaded not guilty to the first six charges of up to a whopping 75 that police say involved at least 14 girls he allegedly molested and tortured.

Jaime Umpa, the chief prosecutor in Scully’s case, has called for the death penalty to be re-introduced so that Scully can be executed for his horrific crimes against children. Unfortunately as of March of this year it’s been reported that Scully will dodge the death penalty despite his case being one of the most horrific in history.

Now in order for justice to happen and Scully to remain in prison Margallo must deal a legal blow of a testimony. Her deposition is crucial since Cagayan de Oro City Hall was burned down.

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