The France Election Was Rigged With Massive Fraud Here’s How

The French election was rigged for Rothschild puppet Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen and here’s how.

To understand what took place in France, the French voting system must be explained. Unlike the U.S. where citizens go to the polls to cast a digital ballot in France the public receives two paper ballots in an envelope with each candidates name on it. At least that’s supposed to be how it works, what took place this year however was systematic fraud. Approximately 500,000 residents in France and outside the country reported receiving double ballots with Macron’s name on them instead of being given a Le Pen ballot.

This occurrence is far from an accident or a mere mistake as not one instance was reported where Le Pen’s name was on both ballots. What’s more is that thousands of Le Pen’s ballots that did make it to their destination were reportedly torn which made them invalid.

The Le Pen campaign told a watch dog group on Friday night that electoral administrators in several regions across France including — Ardeche, Savoie, and the Loire, had found Le Pen ballots that were “systematically torn up,” the AP reported.

This means that not only did a number of voters not receive a choice but those that were given both ballots had another problem to deal with sabotage of Le Pen’s ballot.

The next part of this scheme is that because some people were handed two ballots with Macron’s name on them this enabled voting for Macron twice in regions across France. Which authorities admitted they would not be investigating the potential electoral fraud until after the election. Although, those that vote twice are likely to be caught and face punishment of up to two years in prison and a fine of about £13,500.

If you account for these three situations a full picture is painted how Macron won 66% of the vote it wasn’t just because he was a“popular” candidate. It was a mixture of voting fraud and sabotage to La Pen’s ballots. Macron is the illegitimate president of France.

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