I Could…

I could live in a thunderstorm
Count my heartbeat to the crashing sounds
And I could ignore the tears on my cheeks
Tell myself theyre just lost rain drops
That’ve found their way to my skin
I could pretend the lack of air in my lungs
Is the lightening stealing my breath with its beauty
I could tell myself that

I could wander alone in a desert
And truly believe the scorpions and snakes
Were meant to be my only companions
At least in the Gobi, I’d see the sting coming
No grass for reptiles to hide in
There’s a sexiness in the arid climate
That could cover me, exfoliate
Me with its grains
I could live like that

I could deny myself the things
That ignite my joy
So that the contrast doesn’t kill my spirit
I could pretend to lose my strength,
Lessen my resolve
In order to dull the pain I carry
I could change my character like that

There are literally infinite possibilities
I could undertake in order to make
Sense of this life sentence of unfiltered
Emotions I am destined to live with
I could run from my nature, but
I’d never shame God
I’d never curse myself
I couldn’t do that.