What’s Your Resolve?

What’s there to resolve
The sun will still set, the Earth will still revolve
Whether you decide to solve the rising of your tide
Or if u stay the course and live with a survivors guide
With some of yourself in the here and now
While your “then” is in the there after
If you subscribe to the prophetic notions of the future
If you stock pile powdered milk and old Times issues
Panic rooms and fall out shelters are seeing occupants
More than Sputnik could have mustered
What are you afraid of
The may be-could be ending of
All that uve resolved to give up
If your gonna torpedo ur past
With obvious self delusions that will not last
Then save urself the lies ull tell
And become the person u wanna be
Without kickin Persians down a well

U shouldnt need the threat of an apocolyptic event
To alter the way ur living
And it may be a little prolific
To choose to suffer ur own consequence
Maximus didnt slay the minotaur and
Carmen Sandiego wasnt found in a day
Be easy on how easily u give ur faith away
Cuz cattle prods and cowbells
Have no right to be used as magic wands to wave and sell
The new aged retro idea of another end of the world
The dinosaurs and mammoths knocked on deaths door
And their E.L.E went as swiftly as Pluto
So if the there after is here and now
Stand fast and face it without usin a mirror

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