AnAsianVents: Money

Money Makes The World Go Round, Money Makes The Girl Go Down

Money. People die over it, crimes committed in pursuit of it, and is one of the most universally recognizable concepts. Not enough of it can lead people to do immoral things, and too much of it can lead to one being disconnected with society.

My relationship with money has always been one of duality: it can be used to bring happiness to yourself and others as well as induce stress and strife in your life. Let me explain what I mean by this in the following paragraphs.

Recently, $400 caused me severe grief, the cost of two replaced tires from me being a terrible driver and puncturing a sidewall. So bad in fact, I didn’t come home that night and stayed with a friend as it was just so much I could not handle being in these four walls. But later on, this same dollar amount brought me to a place in Tiger, Georgia that was probably one of the most eye opening and life changing experiences I have ever been through.

Before I had an income of any kind, all I saw was how money could bring you down. If my parents weren’t yelling at me or my sister for grades or whatever it was, money was the frequent “discussion” as they’d like to put it.

We lived (and still do) live a very comfortable life, firmly placed in the typical middle class family. While our house is on the smaller side, it’s in a good neighborhood, suitable for the four of us, one dog, and two cars.

Now that I have a part-time income online and working cashier at a fast food restaurant, I can now see the liberating and positive effects of money. As an independent person relying on my parents has always been something that’s never really sat well with me, and this feeling has only amplified as I’ve gotten older. Having my own income has allowed me to partially detach, and be able to take care of some of my own needs.

Having money has allowed me to explore new things, places, foods, and with new people. Having my own money has allowed me to make (and lose) money in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, giving me the necessary capital to start up my own small business mowing lawns and such, as well as the ability to take up dancing, one of my new found passions.

Travelling has always been one of my passions, and it is my goal to travel the world as extensively as I can. Well of course for that, you need money too. It’s allowed me to fly and see my childhood friend that have moved away due to different situations, and meet new ones along the way too. God gave us this beautiful planet, and I plan on seeing as much of it as I can.

Shinjuku Gyoen Park in Japan, my absolute favorite country.

As I was referring to earlier, the “experience” in Tiger, Georgia came to me in a week long Catholic summer camp. Coming in, I was more of a Catholic by name, rather than action. While you could blame it on my upbringing (discussed in a later post), I knew very little about Catholicism besides standing up and down at Mass. Long story short, I came out on the other side happier, more at peace, and being open to a religious vocation later in life. Without those four Benjamins, I would have never been able to experience this.

The Summer Camp that changed my life.

So what do I think about money? I think it has great potential for both good and bad. It’s up to the individual person to make choices in their best interest. Material purchases only result in a temporary dopamine release, purchases made on experiences or skills are much more fulfilling. (Another potential blog post, on minimalism and materialism). Money is simply the common language that everyone speaks, so what works for one person may not work for you.

One should not just follow the status quo and try to fill the void of happiness in their life by compulsively purchasing material objects. Without going too off topic, this never brings long term happiness and tends to bring an opposite effect on the consumer.

Sorry for the late post guys! I’ll post a short update in the next couple days of why I’ve been gone for so long, but it essentially boils down to Christmas, New Year, and being slow to get back into the swing of things.

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