Stop making them feel guilty

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If you love books, you likely want to share the joy of reading with other people. One of the best ways to do this is by starting a book club.

There’s no “perfect way” to run one of these groups. The most common method is picking a book and getting together regularly (typically every week or month) to discuss your thoughts on the material.

It’s easier than you think

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Sharing books with others is an excellent way to promote the habit of reading amongst your family and friends. It’s one of my favorite strategies to read more and make the most of your books. If you like the idea of reading with others, you might have already tried to create a book club at home or in your favorite coffee shop… and you’ve come across a tiny issue.

We’ve all seen it. Every member of the new reading group starts with a lot of excitement. But, for some reason, by the second meeting, no one has read anything. The…

All you need is a pen and paper

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We can (and we must) try to avoid distractions while we read. But the sad truth is we can’t eliminate them.

Dealing with external distractions is easy: from turning off notifications to locking ourselves in our bedroom and putting a DO NOT DISTURB sign at the door. Internal distractions, on the other hand, are completely unavoidable.

It happens like this:

Your phone is on airplane mode. You put on your headphones and play your favorite instrumental album on Spotify. You make yourself comfortable on your favorite couch…

Suddenly, you remember there are clothes in the washing machine that need to…

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A productive morning starts the night before

An ironed uniform was laid carefully on a dining room chair. The white socks were ready, extended on the seat. A pair of shiny black shoes were perfectly alined at the floor, next to a backpack ready for the school day.

In my house, you couldn’t go to bed if you didn’t have everything ready for the next morning.

That was the fist productivity tip I ever learned and I didn’t even know it. …

Read like a tortoise

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How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Did you make a goal of reading a certain amount of books? By this point, you’ve probably given up.

And here I am to encourage you to keep going.

This is my advice: be as mediocre as you can.

When we establish a New Year’s goal, we tend to be idealistic: “I will drop 30 pounds!” or “I will read 40 books!” We start with a ton of energy and resolve, but that lasts a very short time. …

Books change you even if you don’t realize it

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I’ve always said that, if I could pick a superpower, it would be remembering everything I read.

I think you can imagine my frustration. I invest a lot of my time in books (I read 80 books last year), and it might seem like a waste if I end up forgetting almost everything I read. When someone asks me what a certain book is about, I usually blank and have to review my notes and highlights to answer. To be honest, it used to be embarrassing for me.

But, after some time, I’ve finally made peace with forgetting.

Although reading…

Sometimes all you need is a small adjustment

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I read 80 books last year. It might seem like a great feat, but I truly believe anyone can do it. Nevertheless, I understand not everyone grew up developing the habit of reading; books have been an important part of my life since I was a kid. So I am not going to ask you to drop everything and read two books a week.

When we set out a new goal, we tend to want to make big changes very quickly. And when we realize it’s not working, we get discouraged and give up. But, what about making a small…

Reading doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it attractive.

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Some people enjoy exercising. They love to put on their work out clothes and invest two hours at the gym every day, or running or doing Pilates or CrossFit. I’m not one of those people. Not at all.

But I know that exercise is good for my body. I can’t deny that my sedentary lifestyle is extremely harmful in the long run. I must be intentional and get up from my desk once in a while. I must exercise even if I don’t want to.

Maybe you’re the opposite of me. You are happy to go out and move and…

Writers are readers, even when they have babies

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If you’ve ever seen a medical drama (don’t deny it), you know that a doctor has to answer immediately when her service is required. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing. She could be sleeping, on the toilet, on a date… it doesn’t matter. If duty calls, she must respond.

Having a baby is something similar. But no one pays you. In fact, they charge you. But it’s worth it: babies are cute.

All jokes aside, having a baby is incredibly demanding. That’s one of those things everyone knows but nobody gets until it happens to them. Someone said no one…

That reader you admire is just a human like you

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If you’re here, you probably want to read more books.

The problem is that reading books is getting harder every day. Each second we receive a huge amount of highly fragmented information: social media, text messaging, articles like this one. Sitting down and following an author’s argument pages and pages on seems like an impossible feat.

But some people make it. You probably follow them on social media, share their blog posts, and like their book photos. And maybe, far from inspiring you to develop the habit of reading, seeing all that book success is depressing you. …

Ana Ávila

Editor. Clinical Biochemist. Writes about productivity, minimalism, and books.

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