learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 — CRM as part of the Dynamics Suite

Satya Nadella presenting Digital Transformation
  1. Every business has to manage the relationship with their clients.
  2. Knowing how a CRM works, how it helps a business grow, might be useful in your day to day life.
  3. In order to design/develop/implement or simply imagine a CRM, you first need to learn the business. This bit is the very interesting. You’ll feel empowered: someone actually wants to tell you what they do, in their day to day job. It will make you feel more involved in how our world works, more in control of your own destiny.
  4. I simply don’t know ERP.
I know! It’s a men’s world.
The simplest relational database in the world.



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Ana Demeny

Ana Demeny

Dynamics CRM Developer/Consultant, great sister and ok friend. I guess I can say I am disruptive. My mind is fuelled by other people’s smarts.