5 the most important things I’ve learned by 25

Today is my 25th birthday and I’m celebrating it in a beautiful place, the city of my dream, in San Francisco. Feels like every year on my Birthday I wanted to say that was the craziest year in my life! And today is not exception. I left my country, I haven’t seen winter, I’ve met so many incredible international people, I drove BMW z3, I’ve been across half of the world.. And I never miss home so badly before.

I want to share the most useful things I’ve learned during first quarter of a century:

1. People are precious

It almost doesn’t meter where you are. People around you are making the biggest influence on your life and personality. Try to surround yourself with nice, open and inspiring people who care about you.

2. Health should go first

A year ago I was burned out by my projects. My physical condition was terrible and I was told that I need to make a surgery. I quit all projects and went for 4 month to India. Now I care about my health as much as about my business.

3. Your spouse is the most important person on Earth

When you are successful he is there for you, when you fall he is there for you. Doesn't meter what happens — he is there for you. Happiness in relationship is one of the keys of balanced human. So don’t spend time on complicated relationship. They should be easy and make you happy!

I love you, darling ❤

4. Be brave

Don’t be afraid to be convicted. People always hate when they see something different from what they used too. So if you want to make a difference you must do something different! Find what you love, believe in it. And stick to the plan!

Doesn’t matter how many times you fall. What matters is how many times you stand up and get going.
Hi from San Francisco

5. Always get going.