Dreaming is easy, doing is hard.

Anastasia Green
Aug 2 · 2 min read

⁣As some of you know I launched my first STARTIT marathon 2 weeks ago. ⁣30 people signed up, 18 passed to the second task, 4 survived till the last one. ⁣Until the last challenge, all the tasks were mostly introspective and analytical.

But not the last one. ⁣⁣In the last one, they needed to go to the field and do the customer interviews — basically talk to their potential customers and come back with results. ⁣⁣

All 4 people disappeared. Then 1 came back with the task half done.

My first thought: my marathon sucks! I did a poor job thinking it through. Didn’t motivate enough, didn’t gave the right tools. ⁣But then, I looked at my #YCombinator Startup School team that I’m part of right now. Do you know what I see? Out of 5 companies that supposed to be in my group, only 3 founders showed up. ⁣⁣

Common man, it’s YC! They have a massive brand and following. They are the elite of the startup world! Just to be there is already a privilege.

So no, my marathon doesn’t suck. Execution sucks. ⁣

⁣It’s easy to dream about having a sexy body, it’s hard to go to the gym and keep a diet. It’s easy to dream about entrepreneurship and freedom, it’s hard to do sales and fundraise. ⁣

⁣And because it’s hard, it’s valuable. ⁣

YC teaches you: if your solution is easy to copy, your company is dead.

Anastasia Green

Written by

Startup junkie from Silicon Beach. I teach young entrepreneurs how to create a clear vision and strategy http://bit.ly/joinstartit

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