Why you should master sales

Anastasia Green
Jul 23 · 2 min read

Mom, I want to be a salesperson! 🤑

I said to my parents when I was 17.

Both of my parents looked at me with a silent question stuck on their faces.

– But you just got to the university... And you are still so young! Why don’t you just focus on studying?! — My Mom said.

– Because I want to learn how to make money as early as I can and sales will help me to do so! If I’ll learn how to sell, I’ll be okay in life!

I’ve spent 2 years on selling air: digital products, training courses, whatever was needed to make that $200 a month.

I learned a lot, and by the end of the day I “sold myself” at the interview for the product manager position, being 19 and having zero experience in tech. You are selling yourself daily. You just might be not conscious about it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should master sales even if you never will be a salesperson?

1️⃣ You will open doors easier. When you know how to present yourself you can get in touch with any person by introducing yourself in a “sealable way”

2️⃣ Your own company will have the best salesperson possible. Nobody will sell your product or service as good as the founder. Master sales and your company will always have customers.

3️⃣ You will get any job you want. Interview its a process of selling yourself. You can package that amazing experience and talent of yours you have much higher chances for a better paycheck and cool position.

4️⃣ People will follow you. If you know how to sell your vision in a competing way, people will follow. We all are looking for a good idea, explained simply.

5️⃣ You will never be hungry. Even if you lose your job and your startup will fail, every company always need more sales. You can make money on commissions and be free from full-time employment.

Did I convince you?

Anastasia Green

Written by

Startup junkie from Silicon Beach. I teach young entrepreneurs how to create a clear vision and strategy http://bit.ly/joinstartit

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