An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I’ve been in your shoes. Actually I’ve been much worse, but that’s neither here no there. I hope you’ll be in better shoes someday. But you need to rationally take a look at your personal economics, and check your entitlement. Writing rude letters to people, much less CEO’s, won’t get you far. I applaud your first amendment rights, but did anyone ever tell you that you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar? Hold the ‘tude and keep the brains, it’ll get you further in life.

Complaining about paid health insurance and a year’s requirement before advancement gives the appearance of a 4 year old stomping their feet demanding dessert NOW and the dessert can’t be a snickers bar -it has to be mille feuille with fresh crème anglaise! Perhaps hunger has gotten the better part of your brains.

Here’s what I believe you should do… make of it as you will.

  • Get roommates. My software friends who make ridiculous sums of money have many roommates. It’s a known problem in the Bay and nothing will fix the housing problem any time soon. No one goes to Death Valley expecting balmy weather.
  • Be useful at work. Whatever job you have, anywhere you go, for whoever you work for, even if you dislike that manager. Complaining will get you how far?
  • Be an agent of change. There’s some Chinese proverb about standing on a hill for a long time before a duck will fly into your mouth.

Good luck to you.

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