GREAT ADVANCEMENTS of Turkish Aerospace Industries TAI in Aerospace Industry sector

Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) or the Türk Havacılık ve Uzay Sanayi A.Ş., TUSAŞ is the state owned Turkish company which is responsible for the design, development, manufacturing, integration of aerospace systems for the Turkish armed forces and other overseas customers. They also provide after sale services and up-gradation of the systems.

TAI manufactures F-16 Fighting Falcons for decades under license from the US Lockheed Martin. It also provided modernization, upgradation and other related supports to the customers.

Turkish Army attack helicopter T129 ATAK has been developed from the AgustaWestland A129 Mangusta which is now being mass-produced.

Turkish Aerospace Industries developing nation’s first fifth generation stealth fighter TAI TF-X and for hence, it paired up with Swedish Saab firstly and then signed a contract with British BAE Systems.

Hurkus basic trainer aircraft has been developed for the Turkish Air Force’s pilot training platform.

This organization is the leader in aviation and aerospace technology sector in Turkey which also leads the path for Turkish satellite programs too.