Odd Uses For Normal Things!

There are often many uses for objects that we do not think of because why would we use something that has nothing to do with what it is being used for!?

Here are some odd life hacks:

  • Emergency wine opener

You can use your shoe in to open a wine bottle in an emergency where all you have is a pair of shoes.

  • Use spaghetti as a match

You can use an uncooked spaghetti as a very long match just light the end on fire and you have a matcheghetti !

  • Use a grater to hang earings

You can use a grater as a jewellery holder and hang your earrings in the holes of the grater, what a grate idea!

  • DIY smart phone speaker

Simply place your smart phone in a bowl, use a bigger bowl to turn up the volume.



Use the empty toilet paper roll cardboard cylinder, cut a hole for your smartphone and place it inside the hole, use 4 pins to hold it all up.

  • Recycle your crutches

You can recycle your crutches when you no longer need them, by turning it into an artsy book shelf. It will look very cool and also be very functional. You will need some nails, a hammer, and 3–4 pieces of wood sizes going from large to small (if you don’t have wood or a saw, go to home depot and get the wood, you can ask them to cut the wood at no extra cost).

  • Speaking of nails…

You can use a cloths pin or a fork (yes a FORK!) to safely hold your nail while you hammer, to avoid finger injuries.

You can use any cloths pin
  • Coca-cola everything

As it turns out, Coca-cola is good for everything except for drinking. Use Coca-cola around the house to show your kids its not a drink!

  • Gift bands

Use rubber bands or hair ties to wrap your presents, this works particularly well with chocolate style wrapped gifts.

  • Cooling Tray

Use your empty egg tray as a super cheap laptop cooler, which works well.

Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover, there is often more than meets the eye and there are plenty of strange uses for things that we have yet to think of!