French Tech Viet 3.0 @LaResidence

Last 31st May 2018, La French Tech Viet, was gathering its top influent, active and engaged startups, entrepreneurs and tech experts based in Vietnam to celebrate “La French Tech Viet 3.0 — Cocktail Party” at La Residence of the Consulate General of France.

We had the pleasure of receiving H.E Mr. Bertrand LORTHOLARY, Ambassador of France to Vietnam, who reiterated his full support for the project on this occasion.

Thanks to our French Consulate General, Vincent Floreani, who offered to us the privilege to organise this event at the ‘Residence of France’.

From Left to Right : HE Mr Bertrand LORTHOLARY, Anaïs VICTOR and Mr Vincent FLOREANI

A co-organised event with La French Tech Viet, affirming the ambition to make the community grow and to open it to influential local and international tech players.

French Tech Viet 3.0 — From a Vision to a Mission

Our vision has been “co-built” among our executive committee, and from the overall feedback collected among our community.

In order to make it live, this vision has been turned into a mission with athe nomination of a dedicated French Tech Viet Coordinator, Anaïs Victor.

Few members from the executive committee : Anaïs Victor (French Tech Vietnam), Sebastien Auligny (Gameloft) & Vincent Capa (Dirox), were invited on stage to share “La French Tech Viet” ambitions and roadmap.

Entrepreneuriat & Tech Events

We aim to organise quarterly high-qualified events who will be based on “Entrepreneurship” in its generalist topic.

We do believe that it will encourage & engage our startups and tech entrepreneurs to share their know-how, their experiences, but also to meet, connect, and to learn from each others.

French Tech Viet Q2 & Q3 2018 Events : Meet, Share & Connect

Ecosystem & Tech Expertise

We aim to develop Expertise Hubs & Networks (6) to identify our Tech Ambassadors & Key Actors about specialised tech areas such as :

  1. Startups & Entrepreneurship
  2. Web & Mobile Development
  3. AI & Machine Learning
  4. BlockChain & Crypto Currencies
  5. Big Data, Analytics, & Growth Hacking
  6. Health Care & Med Tech

And we hope that few more will emerge soon…

We do believe that organising “Expertise Hubs Meet-ups” with a smaller venue, invitation-only, with a targeted audience will support to focus, learn & grow faster on specific startups & tech topics.

Tech Communities Bridges

We aim to maximise our interactions with all existing Tech Communities in Vietnam by establishing different types of partnership : by co-hosting tech events, by building privileged relationships with coworking spaces and by making strong bridges with local and international tech communities.

We do believe that we now stand at a very propitious moment in Vietnam’s history, with Vietnam strengthening its position on the global technology scene, and the recent boom in the startup ecosystem, will contribute to maximise the interactions and the collaboration among all communities.

Startup and Tech Projects Mentoring

We also aim to confirm our intention to build a strong relationship with the EID Accelerator powered by the French Chamber of Commerce, in order to reinforce the coaching and mentoring of our local tech startups.

An opportunity to meet a jury of 15 experts & mentors, with a strong experience in Vietnam, to drive them on the “rollercoaster” path, that any entrepreneurial project is.

Tech Star Speakers

For this special occasion, we welcomed three speakers on stage, among our guests, from different backgrounds & industries, to share about their singular experiences as entrepreneurs in Vietnam.

From left to right : Mr NGUYEN Van Tam, Mr GORDON Nick & Mr LOTZ Fabien

Tech, Knowledge, & Talents by Van Tam Nguyen

Van-Tam Nguyen is a Vietnamese-born professor, innovator and entrepreneur. He has studied, worked and taught at some of the best universities around the world, such as Stanford University of California (Berkeley, USA) and Télécom ParisTech (Paris, France)

Fulfilling his dream of contributing to open a world-class tech university in Vietnam, giving the future stars of the country’s tech industry a chance to succeed in the globalisation.

Tech, Entrepreneurship & Investments by Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon began his advertising career in London with McCann Erickson, and since his move to Asia in 1993, he has worked across all media and product categories — with agencies such as JWT, Euro RSCG, Grey, SapientNitro and FCB. As well as running his own company PreciousThinking, an ideas company spanning all advertising disciplines.

DDB Group Vietnam is a cohesive collaboration of best-in-class worldwide communication brands, delivering best-in-class business results for our clients, including DDB (advertising), Tribal Worldwide (digital), InFocus Mekong (mobile and traditional research), DatViet (OOH and Media) and Vietnam Trade Alliance (distribution).

Tech, Innovation & Growth by Fabien Lotz

Fabien Lotz, living in Vietnam since 2000, has been working in tech for more than 10 years, starting with Gameloft as Mobile Game Producer to become studio manager (2007–2011). After his MBA he is recruited by Nokia to become a Platform Evangelist, role he continued after Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia mobile operations (2011–2016). For the past 2 years he has been POPS’ Country Manager in charge of Vietnam operations.

POPS in a nutshell, is a 10 years-old digital content company. A start-up born in music who embraced the video consumption rise on SEA. It is about providing great content to everyone. It is about Entertainment with a big E.

So, what’s next?

As “La French Tech Viet” we aim to connect with Tech Startups and Companies in order to promote all the tech expertise which is exploding nowadays in Vietnam.

With this in mind, we do encourage you to join our Facebook Group La French Tech Viet, near to reach 3000 members, and to like our Facebook Page, in order to stay tuned about all the French Tech Viet Activities, News & Next Events.

See you soon!

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