Sid’s Track of The Week for 8/1/2016: Cute Complexity


Starting this week I’ll be showcasing a song or songs on a weekly basis that I personally feel are amazing and that you should give a listen to. Whether you like them or not is up to you, but their composition at least earns them a listen.

I also plan on giving some of my personal analysis and opinion on why I chose the song.

I hope you can find some new music or new artists that you like through these weekly songs!

Let me know what you think of the songs, I’d love to discuss them.

This week’s track: All Yours by Tennyson.

Tennyson is hands down one of my favorite artists that I found last year, almost all their tracks instantly hook me with their triple C combo: Cute, Catchy, Complex.

In this track, they do an absolutely phenomenal production that involves an array of percussion and synths alike.

The song begins with a peaceful and progressing intro that eases you into the rhythm, slowly getting louder as it envelops you. Once the base rhythm is set, they bring in a very melodic and emotional chord progression to the front, relaxing yet captivating.

At this point, the song’s tone is set as ambient and slightly sorrowful and in most cases that’s how the song would continue on. It would follow the same piano chord progression and add variations or melodies on top of it until the end. However, Tennyson’s brilliance shines through as they shift the tone instantly and seamlessly into a very groovy and cute song. From the slow ambiance, a bubbly beat is born, layered with multiple synths, bells, and percussion. The song continues on with a very intoxicating video game feel and flows like ice cream melting on a molten brownie.

The song does the thinking for you as it wraps you in it’s layered and infectious groove and it gives you one command: enjoy.

For me, the song is very satisfying, I don’t have to think about any specific part. I can just sit and listen and the next thing I know I’m bobbing my head and not thinking about anything. The beat latches on and the rhythm carries me and I float over various colors and emotions that Tennyson paints, at no point do I feel that I need more or I need less. There is a certain nuance to this song, a line between catchy and complex.

The best part of the song is the sneeze (@ 2:30) that they use as a very memorable and fun way for their last build-up. It’s incomprehensibly cute and novel, but it fits perfectly.

From the incredibly cute composition to the bittersweet and ambient undertones, this track sits together like a well flavored meal. It satiates me to the core, I don’t feel fatigued and I don’t feel hungry for more.

A lot of music is of the sort where I get sick of it after a second or third listen, however a well nuanced track is one where I can listen to it over and over and find a new enjoyment in it each time.

So this was my first time writing anything about music or art and I wasn’t sure how to approach it. I feel maybe after the fourth or fifth time I can get down what I want to convey to the reader because right now I had a very hard time pinning down what I wanted other people to get from this.

Either way, thank you for taking the time to read and listen!

Until next time.

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