How Everex is pioneering an efficient and secure financial ecosystem

Everex is bringing fiat currencies and financial assets to the Ethereum Blockchain for every conceivable financial service on the planet. Providing billions of people who don’t have access to important financial services, the possibility of financial inclusion in the global economy. While we also create effectual solutions for Banks and MSBs, subsequent reductions in their overheads make it feasible for them to offer competitive rates for their consumers. Here are just a few examples which Everex will solve that will have direct and profound impacts on our society:

  • Remittance fees and delayed settlement times
  • No direct monetary exchange between 3rd world currencies
  • No Peer to Peer payments
  • Crowdfunding obfuscation
  • Credit credit card settlement delays and outlandish fees

The average settlement time on remittance varies between 5–7 days. Everex utilises the power of the Ethereum Blockchain to provide near immediate settlement times, while charging a fraction of the current remittance cost to the consumers. Imagine the new era of possibilities for financial services.

This translates to literal relief for the people who need it most, when the average monthly salary in Sub-Saharan Africa is approximately $70 imagine how much impact this will have on a family who will take that extra $9 on every $100 their loved one sends home to buy the necessities they need to survive.

Everex is an innovative FinTech and Blockchain development company which is blazing the way forward in the financial services sector. Though Everex values and has worked with Bitcoin, they found it to not easily scale and this has presented some them with current growing pains in its’ potential role as a future global currency. Everex specialises in creating effective system solutions which operate more economically than anything the financial services sector has ever seen. Enabling our users to benefit from expeditious systems, While enabling our financial partners/MSBs to offer their consumers far more competitive rates and expeditious settlement times.

We offer robust and secure digital solutions which protect your money using efficient security practices, decentralisation, The Blockchain & advanced cryptography. No longer leaving you exposed to the whims of hackers and people who exploit lax security protocols.

They’re currently billions of people with no access to banking or global financial systems on the planet, our efficient technology allows us to provide real solutions to the people who need this the most while streamlining operations and overhead cost in first world countries. This is only the tip of what we can do to this global financial iceberg, which has operated on outdated systems and technology which continue to plague us to this day.

By pairing experience from banking, wealth management and financial software application development, Everex utilises the Ethereum Blockchain to empower people around the world with free access to a global financial system.

How does Everex do this? With Cryptocash, which is a cryptocurrency unit or a digital token that is underwritten by licensed financial institutions and pegged to different world fiat currencies.

Now just like bitcoin/ETH, users can have digital USD, EUR, CNY and other currencies that are issued and guaranteed by our trusted financial partners. Cryptocash is pegged and bears the names of its respective national currencies, e.g.: Baht (THBEX), Philippines Peso (PHPEX), Indian Rupee (INREX), etc. People from anywhere is the world who need to send money or pay for services can convert their cash into cryptocash and transfer them between private wallets.

A bank account is not a prerequisite but rather a feature which you may utilise should you desire to do so. With cryptocash, trading fiat currencies, and digital currencies like bitcoin, and also investing in other digital assets becomes much easier.

How do you access your cryptocash?

By downloading the easy to use Wallet or using your web browser to access your Everex wallet. (Please note the service is currently only available in Thailand, expansion road maps are happening shortly)

Everex is paving the way in the digital transfer of assets on the Ethereum Blockchain. The global impact which Everex will have in the financial services sector is going to evolve the way the world does business, we live in a pretty exciting and innovative time and are on the cusp of a global shift in how we interact with money and digital assets.

Everex is actively looking for partners in every country to benefit from its’ technology in remittance, payments, and other financial services.

To learn more about the company please visit their website at

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