You are never alone

We all wish for a soul-mate who will share the joys and sorrows of our life. But it is hard to find someone. First, most people are busy as it is, and they don’t have time for others. So in reality, we have to make do with less than ideal soul-mates — friends, partners etc.

But there is one person who is always with you and will always be with you. That person wishes you well and will give you advice and guidance if you ask for it.

That person is you. You always have yourself, no matter what happens. You can talk to yourself (also called as self talk). You are never alone. You always have yourself.

If used as a tool, self talk can be handy. It can transform your life and make it richer. But the important starting point is to develop and nurture a fruitful relationship with one-self.

There are many ways to do it — write a journal, talk to oneself.

I have been thinking about what works for me — personally I am good at talking to myself rather than journal. I am yet to research how to effectively to do this. For now, I pretend that I am talking to someone on the phone and instead talk to myself.

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