5 important reasons to travel to Mangalore

Mangalore is the chief port city of India. So, it certainly observes lot of business action and requires people to travel frequently to this place. Enriched with mesmerizing, peaceful beaches and scenic temples, this city is the famous tourist attraction of South India too. Looking at the mammoth requirement of frequent travel to this city, Mumbai to Mangalore bus services have offered a number of options to travelers, at a fairly low cost.

Mangalore is also the city of beaches. There are three main beaches where you can perform a variety of activities and have unlimited fun. When you are just done with the filthy beaches of Mumbai and want some space that is truly personal, hop on to Mumbai to Mangalore bus and get your alone time at Ullal beach. You may also choose to spend quality family time by visiting Malpe and Karwar beach at Mangalore where you get the chance to sail and snorkel. Mangalore is certainly a beautiful escape to the hassled city life.

You may also visit Mangalore to satisfy your religious streak. This city is home to Ganpathi temple, Kajri Manjunath temple and Gokarnath temple, which house the kuldevatas of various communities in India. The temples are very old and their origin dates back to 1068 AD. 800-year old shrine of Sharavu Shambareshwar at Ganpathi temple is sure to floor you with the unperturbed power of olden times and the powerful architecture of that era.

Mangalore is also a hub of rich cultural heritage. You may witness the surreal performances of Dance type Yakshagana which is typical of South and draws the interest of many dance lovers who find it unique and magnificent and certainly one of the toughest forms to learn. Apart from dance, buffalo race is also very exciting and makes your Mumbai to Mangalore bus trip, especially that during the months of November to March quite memorable and exciting.

Mumbai to Mangalore bus route is around 950 kms long and cities like Pune and Goa fall in the way. If you have planned a road trip to Mangalore, you can halt at these cities and have amazing time at your disposal where you get to know more about India and have unlimited fun. A number of excursions to Dharmstalas, Mudabidri and Karkal await you at Mangalore.

So, give yourself some 5–7 days and explore Mangalore in its best form by making an itinerary comprising of sightseeing, meditating, snorkeling, sailing and attending to dance performances and going to Hill garden etc and have a blast of your lifetime.