How to select Bangalore to Kollur bus for a weekend trip

Bangalore to Kollur is one of the fascinating routes that connect the City of Gardens to a number of locations of Karnataka. Bangalore to Kollur bus takes approx. 7 hours and few minutes to reach the destination and forms a nice pretext to travel with family on a weekend. Here are few things that you can look for while booking a seat in a bus from Bangalore to Kollur.

Comfortable seats

A journey by bus 7 hours long does require good quality seats so that your back gets the required support. You should book your seat in that Bangalore to Kollur bus which is a brand new coach with very comfortable seats. Tour operators do give a pre-journey introduction to asking customers. So, make enquiry about the seats so that no surprise awaits you at the bus stop.

You may be travelling alone, or with friends or family. The journey becomes way easier when you do not find any reason to complain about the long route, and comfortable seats do contribute to the comfort level considerably.

Sleeper or seater coach

Traveler does have the flexibility to select from Sleeper or all seater Bangalore to Kollur bus. The route is full of beautiful views and Devanagri range is also quite mesmerizing. If you prefer to catch on your sleep during the bus travel, sleeper coach is the suitable option for you. Else, you can board a seater coach too. Many tour operators and travel agencies offer on-the-spot seats on availability and so, you can pick from the available option at your convenience.

Non-stop buses save time

Some buses on Bangalore to Kollur route run non-stop with just one break point in mid-way. These buses save a lot of time of yours and take a tad less time than other Bangalore to Kollur bus options. If you are at a leisure trip, bus with stops will add to your fun and offers you many opportunities to click pictures and relax as required. Travelers on business trip, however, prefer to go by non-stop buses for saving time.

Bus bookings are available online

Yes, it is quite a convenient option! You are given a preview of available seats/berths, bus timings, fare structure etc. Various online coupons can be added for availing discounts that make your journey quite cost-effective. And having a seat beforehand in offers you better peace of mind and allows you to focus on other plans associated with the travel. So, make your trip a memorable one by taking these points in consideration.