When we were young, we knew exactly what we wanted and just went for it. Most importantly, in our hearts and minds we were clear we were going to get it/do it. Whether it was climbing a tree, scaling a fence, getting an ice-cream or what have you.

It wasn’t that these dreams were trivial and hence they happened. Back then they were large and pretty out of reach. The difference was, in our hearts, there were no doubts, we wanted them and hence we were sure we would get them. And this certainty made it happen.

That’s what we need in our lives today. Whatever it is that we want — a business deal, a job, a million bucks, a yacht, the love of our lives, zillion likes on our You Tube video, let’s decide it’s happening. Let’s live, breathe, revel in that certainty. Every time a doubt or fear shows up, let’s replace it with a visualisation of us having what we crave.

Let’s keep our intentions super strong. And let’s live with the belief that they have come true. When there is surety in our heart, the world is at our feet.