Everyone around has an opinion, nay a confirmed belief about our life. We shouldn’t be in this job, we shouldn’t have quit our job and started our enterprise. This is the way we should run our business, this is how we should live our life. This guy/girl is wrong for us, we should get out of this marriage, we should never think about getting out of this marriage — Phew.

And most of the advice is negative — This will never work, you can’t do this, you’re not meant for this, give it up.

They can say what they want. Point is, what does our heart say? What’s the conviction in our heart telling us? That’s all the advice we need. Cause no one knows what’s best for us other than our heart. And when things are tough, the advice givers will vanish, but our conviction is what will see us through.

If they listened to people around, Amitabh, Sylvester Stallone and so many others would never have become stars. Bhuvan in ‘Lagaan’ would have never learned cricket and everyone would have gone on paying back breaking taxes instead of beating the Brits and being tax free for 3 years.

Listen. But only to our hearts.