Every day is an opportunity to grow, to become better at everything we do, to realize more of our untapped potential, to become the star we are meant to be.

But we don’t need quantum leaps for that. Little improvements, li’l steps up the ladder is more than enough.

So today let’s just work on getting a li’l bit better at everything we do. Let’s run just five minutes more, lift just that 1 kg more, start work 5 minute earlier, write or study just ten minutes more — you get the drift.

Similarly let’s raise our bar, just a little bit. Make our ideas just that bit more unique, original and out of the box. Let’s show that little more understanding and sensitivity to those around us. Let’s listen a little better. Let’s be a little more loving, unconditional, selfless. Let’s answer mails and calls a tad more promptly, let’s keep a few more commitments than we did yesterday.

In work, in relationships, in making ourselves a better us, let’s just figure small improvements and implement them, today. And then make this a daily habit.

The giant leap will happen before we know it