Sure, we want success, we want money and every luxury there is, we want love, a happy family and loads of other things. And we deserve them and they will all find their way to us. Only, how about we enlarge our vision for life?

Simply put, if we’re working on a project at working and we’re dreaming of it getting us a promotion, more money, that’s not bad. But why not expand our vision to see it benefiting the company at large, uplifting the lives of many people, not just us. Let’s see our team empowered, fulfilled, rising and performing to their peak potential. If possible, let’s see what we do, benefiting society at large? Even if it can make people smile, that’s a big deal. The point being to go beyond just ourselves.

Similarly with our loved ones, as opposed to just seeing ourselves loved and happy, let’s make that the vision for our whole family. Let’s see this love empowering and enriching each one, allowing them to become the best version of themselves.

In all our dreams this point on, let’s see a bigger picture, one that encompasses much more than just us. And we will find ourselves growing bigger, stronger — as the nobility of our ambition grows, so does our power.

To largeness.